We would like to congratulate all of our archers on their success in the tournament at Zion December 1st. We had several archers bringing home awards.

2nd Place Elementary Girl- Brayle Welker 5th Place Elementary Boy- Adian Crase 3rd Place Elementary Boy- Rian Jones 1st Place Elementary Boy- Case Ladd 3rd Place Middle School Girl- Leighton Dyer 2nd Place Middle School Girl- Anistyn Marrow 4th Place Middle School Boy- Steven Butler 2nd Place Middle School Boy- Jake Cauthen 1st Place Middle School Boy- Jonah Chamberlain 4th Place High School Girl- Ayme Parker 3rd Place High School Girl-Jordyn Rivera 2nd Place High School Girl- Addison Parker 4th Place High School Boy- Karson Burks

Overall Male Archer- Jonah Chamberlain

Congratulations Coach Austin and Archers on your success today.