Joy Hoffmeister

From Superintendent John Long-- Joy Hoffmeister, our State Superintendent of Public Instruction, called me Friday to check on our school and to see how things were going. She was really glad to hear the protocol we were using to protect our students, teachers, and support personnel. She was impressed that we had air sanitizers in all of the buildings and equally impressed with the extra precautions we are taking. Superintendent Hoffmeister asked if there was anything the state department could do to help us and I told her that we haven't received our promised hot spots that we got through the hot spot grant. She told me this has been a statewide problem but she would personally go and find enough hot spots and get them delivered to Cameron School. I'm proud to say we live in a state that still has some great elected leaders that care about all of us. I am also proud to have the staff at Cameron School that is working diligently to find a whole new way of providing an education to the students at Cameron Public School.

John Long, Superintendent